Open the Door into the ‘Change Made Easy’ Series

4 Classes: Shame; Self Care and Stress; Limiting Core Beliefs, and Deepening in Self Empathy

All classes offers interactive learning with small group activities in a supportive heart centered empathic safe environment. When we are in empathic presence (allowing heart centered spaciousness) a different quality of connection is birthed.

     #1) What Is Our Biggest Secret? Shame 

Shame and vulnerability researcher Dr. Brené Brown says shame is epidemic in our culture, and no one wants to talk about it. Brown says shame is linked to: suicide, addiction, depression, bullying, violence and eating disorders. We live in a scarcity culture: never enough, not pretty enough, smart enough, rich enough, or educated enough…

Silenced shame can spread like a paralyzing virus  ·  Empathy is the anti-virus to shame ·  Learn what empathy is and what it is not  ·  Begin to uncover how shame may be affecting your life   · Have you ever felt unworthy or not good enough?  · Are you driven by perfectionism?  ·  Is image or persona the director in your life? Without authenticity, we can’t cultivate love and connection. Shame unravels connection.

#2) Increase Your Self Care and Reduce Stress
with Brain Gym, Empathy and Essential Oils

These effective modalities move us out of habitual patterns of fight, flight and freeze (stressed state) and into relief, relaxation and peace. They all work with the limbic center (emotional center) of the brain to rewire new neural pathways which support new connections and possibilities. This powerful effective alchemy moves you gently towards greater well being.

#3) Creating More Inner Freedom and Choice
Choose Your Responses Consciously Instead of Being Triggered and Reactive
3 hour class –  $30 per person

Our emotional distress is often linked to painful events from our past, triggered by a similar stimulus. This might be a facial expression, tone of voice, gesture, phrase, etc. I call these traumatic imprints, which are often embedded with unconscious beliefs, behaviors, emotions, and unprocessed memory from childhood trauma. These imprints can also be linked to our family systems, lineage, culture, society etc. This can unconsciously continue to impact our life. When agitated, we can go right into a survival response, which includes flight, fight and freeze.

In this 3-hour class, you will learn a simple yet powerful and effective exercise that transforms habitual reactions. Let’s create some new neural pathways together using Gesture Role-play. Gesture Role-play goes right to the core of the behavior and helps shift the habitual reactive patterns. This class offers interactive learning with small group activities in a safe and supportive environment.

#4) Deepening in Self Empathy
Transform Blame, Shame, and Judgment into Self Responsibility, Connection, and Understanding

Is your heart yearning for more inner freedom and authentic self-connection? Self compassion helps us open our hearts and bring compassionate presence to our own emotional pain. By bathing ourselves in this nourishing compassion, organic transformation occurs.

Self Empathy:  Our judgments are pointing us toward realizing our unmet needs. When we observe our uncensored thoughts and judgments and connect to the feelings and needs contained within them, they provide us with valuable information. This organically starts transforming our emotional pain and we start to experience inner spaciousness and freedom.

Self Empathy brings you back home to you. You begin to feel more self-connected, and experience relief as you shift in your awareness. You can give yourself empathy daily, as it is simple and yet eminently effective. Your body can start softening, relaxing and you can feel instant relief. In this inner discovery, a spacious inner freedom is birthed. You are then open to choose a different strategy to meet your needs.

Empathy: When you observe your judgments, feel your feelings, and connect to your unmet needs contained within your judgments, then you start experiencing an organic transformation into inner spacious freedom.

Gesture Role Play Testimonial: “Before this class I was stimulated by my partner’s physical gestures. My response in the past was anger which would lead to a fight. After the class, he did the same gesture and I was not triggered and did not react. We were able to continue our conversation and NOT engage in a fight. This gesture has agitating me for about five years. YAHOO this stuff works!! Kayse thank you for all the transforming work you have done bringing this body of work to our community!”

Sandy Rose

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