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Being on the boat for those 3 days was one of the most loving and enchanting weekends of my life. It was a dream come true in so many ways. Every single person on that boat touched my life in some way and I feel forever grateful. You brought us there and opened up a doorway of such magic and healing for us.

The most important shift for me came after I left the boat. While I was there, I was still preoccupied with a lot of things going on in my life, but it gave me a chance to slow down and look at some of my patterning. To feel into the liquid silverine velvet water caressing my body like a newborn being cleansed gently and lovingly. When I left, and the many many weeks after, I have been able to look at my life and how I often numb myself out to things going on when I can not take it all in. And instead, to slow down and gently love myself. It opened me up to a truth that dreams can come true. That crystals are not a joke and they are not just beautiful. That my work means something so much deeper and I can own that and be proud of it and move into this next phase of my life with grace and with a fierce ownership of my attraction and magnetic relationship with crystals.

I realized after the boat that being surrounded by like minded people and opening myself up to the divine/source/whatever name it has does not matter, but when I open up to it and trust and listen, miracles are possible. anything is possible.

I struggle with this daily but when I think back to the lake, I am reminded. Community is what we make and we can make anything out of anything.

Your absolute love for the lake and incredible trust not only inspired and awed me, but it still to this day is pushing me to do what I know I need to do in order to feel more fulfilled in my life. I thank you forever and ever and ever. I am sending so much love.

Becca ~ NY
NVC has had a tremendous impact on my life. My relationships have deepened by being an empathic listener and speaking from my heart. The biggest surprise was experiencing a greater and more loving way of connecting with myself.  What a gift, communicating from a place of getting everyone’s needs met instead of beating each other up with our words. NVC is a great tool for promoting peace within ourselves and with others. Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.
 ~ Thank you Kayse Williams and thank you NVC! Pamela Schley, Mt. Ida, AR.

It is with infinite love and gratitude that I am writing to you regarding my NVC experience last week
and how it has impacted my life.  Here is my testimonial:

“This student was ready and her teacher appeared.  Kayse Williams conducted a four-hour NVC introductory workshop that I attended on October 14th, 2014.  Since that experience, my life has changed profoundly.  My strong desire to change was the impetus and Kayse’s expert facilitation the catalyst for my spontaneous soul retrieval.  Within 24 hours, I had met my soulmate, and have felt ecstatically happy ever since!  I feel fully committed to continue my NVC training with Kayse so that I will live my life with love.  Working as a high school guidance counselor, I have taken various workshops aimed at self-change.  NVC with Kayse is best-suited for me!”

I hope and pray that this encourages others to take this NVC training with you…  I know what it has (and will continue) to do to make me a better person and live an amazing life!

~ Gratefully Yours in His Love, Light and Peace,   Cynthia Fait – Mt. Pine, AR

“Being able to connect with and share your deeper feelings in a supportive, loving, non-judgmental environment, helps create space for more self-clarity, clearer communication and confidence to speak your truth with authenticity and compassion. This is what I found when I participated in Kayse’s Introduction to NVC Class.I Really Appreciate Kayse’s welcoming, fun and vibrant energy, which made for an enjoyable and relaxed learning environment. The information and techniques shared in this class were wonderfully useful and could be easily applied to my current experiences. I walked away with new skills for self-inquiry and greater communication!”

~ Amy Pendley, India

 “My current work has been very stressful, satisfying and challenging, but extremely stressful. I started to have some menopausal issues and was having difficulty with my energy level. In my first session with Kayse, we got directly to the core issues and my entire being shifted. My symptoms completely subsided and my energy level increased. With subsequent “homework” and sessions I am able to handle the  challenges with more energy, grace, and caring for myself. Kayse has also given me some wonderful recommendations for books and other resources. She has truly been a gift to me.”
~ Linda Broenniman – East Coast

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