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Would you enjoy transforming your judgments into self connection and compassion?

Self-empathy is a process that helps us connect more deeply to ourselves and take self-responsibility for our experience. When I am triggered and offer myself empathy, I observe my thoughts and judgments and connect to my feelings and needs contained within them and instantly feel relief. I ask myself what am I telling myself about what happened? What am I feeling? And what are my unmet needs? When I approach my emotional pain with gentle, curious compassionate presence, and open heart allowing, a shift begins. The shift is a by product of this quality of connection. As I invite myself to dig deeper inside, remembering the other person is not the cause of my pain. They are simply the trigger. This opens me up into more inner exploration and creates some inner spaciousness which supports me to move out of blaming/judging the other person for my experience.

Self Empathy brings me back home to me. I begin to feel more self-connected and relaxed. I give myself empathy as it is simple and yet eminently effective. As I soften and relax, I have more willingness to ask myself, what need were they trying to meet? I invite their need into my heart and let it impact me. This shifts me into mutual connection and understanding. If I am still triggered, than I give myself more empathy.

Empathy rewires your brain with new neural pathways and resets your nervous system to receive more care, warmth and love.

Would you enjoy?

  • More self connection when triggered
  • Increasing your capacity to respond from choice
  • Transforming habitual responses to life and take more responsibility for your reactions

Empathically Listening to another’s feelings and needs

How often do we slow down and really listen deeply to another? Usually we can’t wait until the other person stops talking so we can talk. Empathically listening is a different way of showing up in the World.

If the other person is in pain and I am in empathic presence with them. I am not guiding them toward a goal. I am simply being with them to offer support. It’s an energetic quality of connection and curiosity as you explore what they are feeling and wanting. It’s more about heart centered presence than it is about the words. The other person often feels held in energetic sacred space. When we experience being held in this deep way, a quality of connection emerges in our hearts. This is one of the greatest gifts someone can give another.

I am journeying with them, they are deciding on the route and I am simply accompanying them.

Stimulus/Trigger: What happens when I am triggered?

When I am triggered, sometimes I just want you with me because I want clarity or I just want to be heard or gotten. I just want support. This may or may not include mourning my unmet needs. Thoughts are the language of the brain and feelings are the language of the body. How you feel and think creates a state of being. 

When I am triggered and with myself, I slow down my breathing and bring compassionate presence to myself.

  • I ask myself, what am I telling myself about what happened? 
  • What do I feel when I think those thoughts? Our suffering is the meaning that we attached to what happened, not necessarily what happened. This is often connected to our history.
  • I ask, How am I triggering myself? 
  • I continue dropping deeper inside and opening to all my feelings and sensations. I am not trying to change anything. I am compassionately being with all that shows up.
  • If I am in a lot of emotional pain, I invite myself to fully mourn my disconnection to the energetic quality of my needs. I notice that in a particular situation, I was not connected to the needs that live within me. So I invite myself to really drop into my mourning and to be with my emotional pain.
  • I breathe and don’t focus on changing anything
  • My body starts softening, relaxing and I begin feeling some relief
  • There is an organic alchemy that happens and I begin to feel a shift in consciousness
  • I connect with the energetic quality of the needs living within me. This feels similar to a buoyant bubble of of feeling the fullness of needs.

This often brings me back home to me. This also helps me loosens my attachment to a strategy and I am more open to other possibilities.

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