Private sessions with Kayse

Would you enjoy

  • Learning new tools to Increase your awareness and presence
  • Listening to your heart vs your conditioning and limiting beliefs
  • Awakening into more of your authentic self
  • Reclaiming your inner authority and speaking your empowered truth with care
  • Uplifting your consciousness into more happiness and joy

Are you ready to listen more deeply to your heart and reclaim your authentic inner authority? As you listen to your heart’s wisdom and truth, you are moving toward your true self.

The present moment is where possibilities exist.

Our emotional distress is often linked to painful events from the past and triggered in the present by a similar stimulus. This might be a facial expression, tone of voice, gesture, phrase, etc. I call these traumatic imprints, which are often embedded with unconscious beliefs, behaviors, emotions, cultural conditioning and unprocessed memory from the past.

When emotional pain is stimulated, we habitually blame, shame and judge others because in the moment we go into fight, flight or freeze. The bottom line is that traumatic imprints can unconsciously continue to impact our lives if they are not brought into our awareness. We habitually choose the same, familiar relationships, work environments etc. that don’t work.

Are you aware of your cultural conditioning, roles, beliefs and persona’s? 

Remember most of the patterns were set by the time we were seven years old. As children, many of us longed to be loved, accepted, seen and heard. This longing often continues to drive us into an endless search for looking for love, acceptance and approval outside of self. This can be exhausting, overwhelming and disempowering.

It is a gift when we are seen, heard, supported and loved in our external world. And sometimes those needs (all humans share these longings) is not what we are experiencing in our external world. This can be very painful and discouraging. Learn new tools to transform this pain into more self awareness and peace.

We think between 60,000 and 70,000 thoughts a day. 90% of those thoughts are what we thought the previous day.

Your beliefs become your thoughts
Your thoughts become your words
Your words become your actions
Your actions become your habits
Your habits become your values
Your values become your destiny
~Mahatma Gandhi

Notice your thoughts ~ Are you addicted and identified with every thought? Remember, You don’t have to believe every thought.

We were born happy…and the good news is human brains are changeable and we can create new neural pathways. In our sessions, classes and retreats, you will learn new and effective tools to begin to start transforming your limiting beliefs, rewire your brain and calm your nervous system which inspires well-being, peace and joy.

About Kayse

My mission is to be my authentic self and to support others to do the same 

Kayse’s intuitive sense and inner vision began developing when she was fifteen years old. These clairvoyant gifts inspired her to devote her life to following her spiritual path, trusting her inner guidance and diving deeply into her inner work. This expanded awareness motivated her to deepen her knowledge through exploration and intense study. Kayse offers a powerful approach to energy medicine with her unique blend of Ancient Indigenous Wisdom, Nonviolent Communication, PSYCH-K  and her ability to see and feel subtle energetic realms. Along this path, she has cultivated unique gifts that catalyze powerful experiences of transformation, healing and Presence for fellow seekers.

Kayse has helped countless people free themselves of limiting stress patterns and make lifestyle changes that support well-being. With impeccable energy tracking abilities and a wide set of tools, she is able to see straight to the core of your challenge. Her heartfelt presence, compassion, depth of experience and unwavering integrity will help you to take your next step on your soul’s journey.

Some of Kayse’s qualifications include

  • Shamanic Full Mesa Carrier with The Four Winds Peruvian Indigenous Teachings
  • Certified Trainer Candidate in Nonviolent Communication (NVC)
  • Graduate of the Empathic Livelihood Program with Francois Beausoleil
  • Graduate of the year-long BayNVC Leadership Program
  • Quantum Biofeedback Specialist (Indigo)
  • PSYCH-K Facilitator
  • Clairvoyant Intuitive since childhood

Kayse offers individual sessions in-person and long distance.

Call/text (501) 767- 8642 or Email:

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