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Our emotional distress is often linked to painful events from the past and triggered in the present by a similar stimulus. This might be a facial expression, tone of voice, gesture, phrase, etc. I call these traumatic imprints, which are often embedded with unconscious beliefs, behaviors, emotions, cultural conditioning and unprocessed memory from the past.

When emotional pain is stimulated, we habitually blame, shame and judge others because in the moment we go into flight, fight or freeze. The bottom line is that traumatic imprints can unconsciously continue to impact our lives if they are not brought into our awareness. We habitually choose the same, familiar relationships, work environments etc. that don’t work.

The good news is human brains are changeable and we can create new neural pathways with empathy and other tools.

Kayse’s intuitive sense and inner vision began developing when she was fifteen years old. These clairvoyant gifts inspired her to devote her life to following her spiritual path, trusting her inner guidance and diving deeply into her inner work. This expanded awareness motivated her to deepen her knowledge through exploration and intense study. Kayse offers a powerful approach to energy medicine with her unique blend of Ancient Indigenous Wisdom, Nonviolent Communication and her ability to see and feel subtle energetic realms. Along this path, she has cultivated unique gifts that catalyze powerful experiences of transformation, healing and Presence for fellow seekers.

Kayse has helped countless people free themselves of limiting stress patterns and make lifestyle changes that support well-being. With impeccable energy tracking abilities and a wide set of tools, she is able to see straight to the core of your challenge. Her heartfelt presence, compassion, depth of experience and unwavering integrity will help you to feel cared for and encouraged.

Some of Kayse’s qualifications include

  • Shamanic Full Mesa Carrier with The Four Winds Peruvian Indigenous Teachings
  • Certified Trainer Candidate in Nonviolent Communication (NVC)
  • Graduate of the Empathic Livelihood Program with Francois Beausoleil
  • Graduate of the year-long BayNVC Leadership Program
  • Certified Quantum Biofeedback Specialist (Indigo)
  • Clairvoyant Intuitive since childhood

Additional clearing services

Clear the heavy and stagnant energies of your home or office into uplifting and supporting energies for a thriving life.

Have you ever walked into someone’s house that feels really comfortable? Or into a room and it feels heavy and you want to run out? Houses are the container for all the emotions and events that have taken place in the history of a home. Energy stacks in layers therefore a lot of the past could be still clinging in your home. Hearing this, how do you feel? Do you want to get up and start energy clearing your home or office?

At the very least, consider opening all the windows and visualizing the violet flame of transformation coming into your space and cleansing all the heavy energies. You can use sound such as Tibetan bowls, gongs, ting shaws, your voice, clapping, your intention, or rattles to send the denser energies out. I visualize them going up into the sun and being transmuted. Or you can ask Mother Earth to mulch the heavy energies as you send them out the windows to the earth.  

With you intention, clear deep under your home, in the walls, floors, ceiling, all the furnishings and clothing. Everything can hold the energies of the past. It is especially important to energy clear your bed. Once the clearing is complete, than you can walk thru your home and fill it with your intention and the energy of love, joy, peace, laughter, play, heath, abundance, harmony, community, connection, integrity, honesty etc. All the energies that make you feel alive and happy.

I energy clear my space after every session and tune into the energy in my house on a daily basis. And give it little tune ups as they are needed.

Consider energy clearing your space if you

  • Feel stuck and are needing clarity
  • Just ended a relationship
  • Have been sick (I suggest clearing your bed)
  • Are trying to sell your house
  • Are moving into a new house
  • Have been depressed, arguing and/or have several painful events in your home
  • Would enjoy living in a clean, clear with supportive environment

After every client I energy clear my office, massage table and myself. This keeps my energy field clear, balanced and vibrant.

She offers individual sessions and house clearings in-person and at long distance.

Call (501) 767-8642 or Email:

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