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Our emotional distress is often linked to painful events from our past, triggered by a similar stimulus. I call these traumatic imprints, which are often embedded with unconscious beliefs, fears etc. When emotional pain is stimulated, we habitually choose the same, familiar relationships, work environments, reactions etc…that don’t work. The good news is when you are held in compassionate presence and clear these energetic imprints, deep transformation occurs. When you are seen and heard at a deep level something magical happens and old patterns begin to loosen their grip. This holistic approach creates more inner freedom, choice and spaciousness for you to show up in a new way. 

Kayse is a compassionate catalyst for change. Her empathic presence combined with her honed clairvoyant gifts and other effective tools are an alchemy for transformation. She loves holding heart centered presence so that you can discover what you are really wanting in your life. In this safe space, you can dive deep into what is stirring deep inside of you? What is calling you? She is skilled at tracking the deeper layers of resistance, fears, beliefs, and energetic blocks that are holding you back from you fully embracing your authentic self. She loves empowering women to take the next step, to be more real and more fully embody who you truly are. This also supports you to increase your capacity to speak with radical compassionate honesty. She offers individual sessions in-person and at a distance with phone.

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Additional Energy Clearing Services

Energy Clearing your home or office creates sacred space to live and work in.

Have you ever walked into someone’s house that feels really comfortable? Or into a room and it feels heavy and you want to run out? Houses are the container for all the emotions, feelings, and events that have taken place in the history of a home. Energy stacks in layers therefore a lot of the past could be still clinging in your home. Hearing this, how do you feel? Do you want to get up and start energy clearing your home or office?

At the very least, consider opening all the windows and visualizing the violet flame of transformation coming into your space and cleansing all the heavy energies. You can use sound as it is very effective in clearing houses. You can use Tibetan bowls, gongs, ting shaws, your voice, clapping, your intention, or rattles to send the denser energies out. I visualize them going up into the sun and being transmuted. Or you can ask Mother Earth to transmute the heavy energies as you send them out the windows. I suggest energy clearing deep under your home, in the walls, floors, ceiling, all the furnishings, clothing etc. As it all holds energy. Once the clearing is complete, than you can walk thru your home and fill it with your intention and the energy of love, joy, peace, laughter, play, heath, financially thriving, harmony, community, connection, integrity, honesty etc. All the energetic’s that make you feel alive and happy. This shifts heavy and stagnant energies into uplifting and supporting energies for a thriving life. Who wouldn’t want more of that?

I energy clear my space after every session and tune into the energy in my house on a daily basis. And give it little tune ups as they are needed.

Consider energy clearing your space if you:

  • Feel stuck and are needing clarity
  • Just ended a relationship
  • Have been sick (I suggest also clearing your bed)
  • Are trying to sell your house
  • Before moving into a new house
  • Have been depressed, arguing and/or have several painful events in your home
  • Would enjoy living in a clean, clear with supportive environment

After every client I energy clear my office, my massage table and myself. This keeps my energy field clear, aligned and vibrant.

To schedule a house clearing with Kayse
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