House Clearing

sold-sign-home-for-saleNeed Help Selling Your Home?

Kayse offers Energy Clearing Services to remove blockages and help sell your home faster.  Experience shows that when resistances are removed, the home sells faster.



Sacred Red Rose“I can not thank you enough for the session you did to help me sell my house. We had a beautiful house that was in a great location and priced well but for some reason was not selling. We had it on the market for over a year. After your session, the showings increased dramatically and within six weeks we had a solid offer.”  Much Love, Pam  ~ Houston, Texas


Sacred Pink Rose“I put my house on the market.  The house did not have anyone looking at it for weeks.  I decided to hire Kayse to clear it to sell it.  She cleared it and immediately people started coming to look at it.  The house was sold in a week.  Kayse was very helpful and I was so happy to sell my home very quickly. Much gratitude!” In Love and Light, Cherry ~ Little Rock, AR


creek-1000“Kayse after you did your house clearing my house sold!!! THE NEXT DAY !!!!  Even in this “iffie” market. You are the greatest! I really appreciate your help.  An Amazing service that everyone should use.  It made the sale go sooo much faster and easier.  I don’t know how you did it – thanks again!” Hugs.   D ~ Sebastopol, California

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