Swim with wild dolphins

Join us for a Magical Adventure on Bimini


Immerse yourself in energetic joy and high frequencies of light from the dolphins, whales and the wisdom of the ocean.
Receive activations while you swim with wild DOLFUNS. The dolphins live in joy and collaborative community consciousness. We as humanity have so much to learn from them. When in their presence,  if you are open they can energetically recalibrate you to joyful play, ease and Being in your heart/soul essence.

Release old limiting patterns as you swim with wild dolphins. “An ongoing study shows these marine mammals receive and transmit sound signals capable of affecting the genetic double helix, and using natural biotechnology, dolphins may heal humans swimming near them “sonogenetically.”  Journey with us on a boat to swim and Be with these Conscious Beings – the dolphins.

Our group is limited to 15 lucky participants, so get your deposit in early to hold your spot! If you would like to join us in this mystical retreat, please send a $500 non-refundable deposit to our paypal link by 2019. And then $1900 will be due by

Total cost ~ $2400 which includes:

  • 5 boat excursions to swim with the wild dolphins and be with humpback whales  (3 lunches on the boat)
  • 6 nights in a beautiful home that is walking distance to the beach. This nearby cove is known for dolphins swimming in the early morning
  • Transportation once you arrive in Bimini
  • Group meditations with Dolphins
  • “Welcome to the Island” dinner on our first night together
  • Group phone call to connect with each other before we arrive
  • Dolfun Joy essential oil blend to assist with energetic recalibration for your journey

Other options depending on the desires of the group:

  • Free time to play, walk on the beach, relax or go shopping
  • Kayaking on the ocean

Price does not include:

Flight to Bimini
Snorkeling gear (mask, fins, mini wetsuit can be rented at Jack’s Dive in Kona, HI)
4 lunches, 6 dinners (we can prepare food together, dine out, farmer’s markets etc.)
Let us know if you would like to stay longer and continue exploring the Big Island

Lauren, Maggie and Kayse are delighted to share this fun  filled mystical adventure with you.

Kayse is an empathic coach and a clairvoyant shamanic guide. Her work is centered in compassionate presence. She has devoted her life to listening to her heart and soul’s calling. Since swimming with dolphins twenty five years ago, she has continued empathic communication. Kayse is very grateful for their loving presence and service both personally and globally. Some of the gifts she has received from the dolphins are removing limiting patterns, expanding her clairvoyant abilities and uplifting her consciousness into greater joy and ease.

Maggie is a healer, counselor and spiritual explorer.  She has been interacting with dolphins over twenty five years, either in the wild or with captive dolphins in San Diego and Hawaii.  She swam with humpback whales and kayaked with Orcas.  Maggie embodies confidence and compassion which are important navigational tools with humans, animals and spirit beings.  Swimming with dolphins has been instrumental in moving her toward a higher level of Source Integration, Spiritual Joy and Advancement.

For more information, please contact:

Kayse (501)767-8642

Maggie (520) 432-3866

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