Presence is an essential component of embodying and integrating compassionate consciousness

  • Eckhart Tolle says, Presence is the dimension of spaciousness in you
  • Buddha says to transcend suffering – it is about being in presence 

If I am feeling constricted, I follow my breath and choose to slow down as this allows more conscious presence. I become aware of timelessness… It feels like coming home to my essence. My heart softens as I slow down and flow into the moment. When in presence, I often feel peace and warmth. This is a different speed of life.

Grounding in presence ~ Inspired by Eckhart Tolle

Awareness of breath takes your attention away from thinking. Feel the breath moving in and out. This creates space within you. Breath awareness is not a doing, it’s being aware of what is already happening. Being aware of the breath creates spaciousness in you. When you are conscious of your breath, you can’t think. It’s impossible. You cannot think and take a conscious breath. You are either doing one or the other.

In a conscious breath, in that moment you transcend the mind, the ego, the personality. Nothing is more important than spaciousness in relationships to help them thrive. Many times during the day, take moments of presence and as you do that, more presence comes. When more presence flows through you, you’re opening the door to presence.


  • Sensing the Sacredness
  • Spaciousness
  • Present moment              No past ~ no future
  • Being here now
  • Oneness
  • The Great Mystery
  • Pure consciousness
  • Formless  Timeless Infinite  Serene 

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