Kayse was born and raised in California and was bless to spend most of her childhood with horses. She love nature and living simply. Kayse and her beloved Gary live on a lake in the natural beauty of Arkansas. She has a special love for horses; they have been some of her greatest friends and teachers.

Kayse loves “life as play” – to connect with her friends, laugh, swim, be in nature, dance, garden and travel. She is grateful for her life as she follows her heart’s wisdom and spends as much time in the magical crystal Lake Ouachita. She has a deep love and trust for the Oneness of life and the Divine unfolding of the great mystical mystery.  Kayse is passionate about learning, growing and self awareness. She embodies a fun, zesty, loving and life-affirming attitude and is as playful as she is deep. Graceful blessings to all. 

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