Kayse was born and raised in California and spent most of her childhood with horses. She was blessed with lots of freedom to ride the hills of Monterey County. She loves nature and has been communicating with unseen realms since her early childhood. She had a death experience at the tender age of five and this expanded her ability to see and communicate with the mystical realms. 

How did Sacred Alchemy begin?

27 years ago, she had a life-changing experience with Archangel Michael on Mount Shasta. Kayse realized the life she had been living was complete and she was diving deep into her soul’s journey. As a result of that experience, she sold her business, her farm and divorced her husband. Then she traveled for 2 1/2 years going to sacred sites and birthing the Sacred Alchemy blends. When Kayse is co-creating a blend, the plant devas and nature spirits appear and give her specific guidance.  Some of their guidance includes the purpose of the blend, the energetic’s, where to co-create and the formula of the blend. 


Kayse and her beloved Gary live on a lake in the natural beauty of Arkansas. Kayse loves “life as play” –  to connect with her friends, laugh, swim in the magical Lake Ouachita, dance, garden and travel. Kayse is passionate about learning, growing and self awareness. She embodies a fun, zesty, loving and life-affirming attitude and is as playful as she is deep.

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