Embrace Your Authentic Self

Embrace-Your-150x150A natural tool to help transmute stressful moments.  When we remember who we truly are, we are connected to our source of power.  These oils are from the Earth.  Plants are in their essence, they do not need to remember who they are. In the busyness of life, we can sometimes lose our connection.  Inhaling this series re-connects us.

 Purchase The Entire Series of 8 Oil Blends $99 (1 ml ea)

Or, purchase the oil blends individually:

  Anxiety Free  $33
Transmute worries, anxieties and deepest fears.

  Clearing Origin  $33
Clear old energy patterns at the cellular level while energizing your physical body.  Move forward in a powerful way. Breathe this blend with any of the other oils and rapidly deepen the effects.

  Be Here Now  $16
Breathe in and soften into the stillness of this moment.

  Peaceful Heart  $24
Soothe your heart with this gentle, loving energy that touches your whole being. This blend is infused with energy from the Dalai Lama’s prayer wheel.

  Free To Be Me  $12
Expand awareness of your infinite Self with this liberating blend.

  Remember  $8
Remember and embrace who you truly are.

  Light of Being  $11
This blend brings in new light frequencies for an energetic cleansing and clearing.

  Empowerment  $11
Stand in your authentic power with courage and compassion. 

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