Blissful Body Natural Perfumes


Natural Perfumes that Lift Your Spirits

Indulge in our playful fragrances that are gentle on your body and kind to the planet. Our sensual blends transport you to a tropical paradise, a chocolate fantasy or surround you in a blanket of rose petals.  And, when used in conjunction with our sacred oil blends their sweetness makes it easier to melt resistance and move into joy.  All blends contain organic essential oils and flavor extracts in a base of pure coconut oil.  Each perfume is hand bottled with mindfulness and prayers.

 Purchase all 8 Blissful Blends $80.00
Let the pleasure unfold through a FULL SET of our new natural perfumes at one amazing price!

Or, purchase the oil blends individually:

 Romantic Rose $11
Soften your heart and soothe your soul with this sensual rose ambrosia. 11 ml

 Playful Paradise $11
Feel a smile on your face and a song in your heart with this guava-coconut-rose blend.  Bring in the sun, lighten, lift and have fun! 11 ml

 Tropical Bliss $11
A breath of fresh air kisses your body with this fresh citrus scent. 11 ml

 Chocolate Merry Mint $11
Melt into chocolate lover’s heaven without the calories.  Our Customers tell us this blend lifts away their sugar cravings! 11 ml

  Chocolate Cheery Cherry $11
Sweet swirls of cherry chocolate delight. 11 ml

 Luscious Lavender  $11
Lavender lovers will enjoy this relaxing blend. 11 ml

 Jivin’ Java Almond $11
Dive into this delicious aroma of almond, coffee and vanilla. 11 ml

 Vanilla Lovers $11
A nurturing nectar of sensual vanilla. 11 ml

All Blissful Botanicals are free of parabens, mineral oil, phosphates, sulfates and propylene glycol.  For external use only.

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