Clearing Series

Kayse Williams Sacred Alchemy Essential Oils

The Clearing Series contains ten specially designed blends to assist you with emotional clearing. The Chinese Law of Five Elements suggests a natural order to clear blocked emotions, based on the creative cycle of meridian energy flow through the body. This sequence is sympathy, grief, fear, anger, and joy. The Clearing Series  is aligned with this sequence. This series is very effective and compliments any therapeutic modality.

Before you begin your aromatic session, it is helpful to number your stress level on a scale of 1 (low) to 10 (high). At the end, notice how much breathing the oils has decreased your stress level.

  • Breathe Dolfun Joy or Clearing Origin with every blend simultaneously, as it will deepen its effectiveness.

  • Begin with Grounding Clarity to be more centered and ready to do emotional clearing.

  • Next, inhale Clearing Origin as it opens up the energetic space to begin to deeply clear emotions.

  • Then simply follow the natural sequence of Grief Free, Anxiety Free, Anger Free and Depression Free to clear the emotional body. Breathe them deeply into your heart while gently holding your awareness on any place you are feeling tension.

  • Next, inhale Acceptance, Truth and Connection.

  • We suggest ending the session with Dolfun Joy by itself.

Take your time to inhale the oils deeply, as they are multi-layered with the energetics of prayers, crystal grids, and moon cycles. Nine of these blends were energetically infused with Sacred crystaline water of Lake Ouachita. Dolfun Joy’s mother crystal was infused while swimming with a pod of wild dolphins off the Big Island of Hawaii.

After you have finished the entire series and rechecked your stress scale, you may want to repeat some of them. Use the list inside the top of the box to keep the bottles in order and to identify the lids when using more than one oil at a time. Clearing is effective in any order and any combination.

Our experience has shown that clearing occurs even while relaxing on the couch, sharing in conversation or watching a movie. Conscious mental processing is not required. It is that simple. Everyone loves this series because IT WORKS and it’s as easy as 1-2-3.


  Purchase The Set of 10 Clearing Series Oil Blends $188.00 (1 ml ea)

Or, purchase each Clearing Blend individually:

  Grounding Clarity  $33
Grounding Clarity brings awareness of the present moment when we are in fight, flight or freeze mode.

 Clearing Origin     $33
Clearing Origin opens up the energetic space to begin to deeply clear emotions.

  Grief Free  $33
Grief Free transmutes heavy emotions from sympathy and mild regret to overwhelming sorrow and loss.

  Anxiety Free  $33
Anxiety Free transmutes worries, anxieties and deepest fears.

  Anger Free  $33
Anger Free transmutes any frequency of anger.

Depression Free  $33
Depression Free transmutes the heaviness of discouragement and hopelessness.

  Acceptance  $33
Acceptance connects us with a fresh perspective that aligns us with what is.

  Truth  $33
Truth frees the limited thoughts that generate our painful emotions.

  Connection  $33
Connection restores our connection with ourselves (our bodies, our feelings, our thoughts) and expansive realities.

   Dolfun Joy  $33
Dolfun Joy reminds us to experience our childlike joy, which is our true nature. So let’s remember to play and enjoy life. The mother crystal was infused while swimming with a pod of wild dolphins off the Big Island of Hawaii.  

Nine of the blends are infused with frequencies from Lake Ouachita, Hot Springs, AR. There is a large deposit of quartz crystals under the water. 

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