Heart Sharing


The following is a heartfelt expression offered for reflection…

I believe we have come to the planet to simply be ourselves. Horses have inspired me throughout my life and are great teachers of BEING. They reflect our consciousness. If we are afraid and not “in our power”   they will mirror this to us. Horses give us immediate feedback about where we are in this moment. I would love to involve horses in my work and I am holding this vision softly.

Have you?

by Kayse Williams

Have you danced on the stars in Heaven?
Circled around the moon
Flown on the wings of angels
Melted in Caribbean blue

Have you walked the colors of a rainbow?
Dreaming your dreams come true
Following your passion into something new

Have you?

Have you co-created your soul’s journey?
Singing your heart song true
Swam with the dolphins, in sapphire blue
Loved infinitely; loving me, loving you

Have you flown wild horses through the sky?
Spoken your truth instead of lie
Gliding on a magic carpet ride
Laughing with a child’s sparkling joy inside

Have you?

Have you looked into your lover’s eyes
Merging in oneness deep inside
Lazed in a hammock at water’s edge
Expanding stillness into peace instead

Have you hugged a friend with an “I love you!”
Sharing your heart, when no one knew
Lived your life with integrity, co-creating your destiny
Present in each moment’s unity
In gratitude for all that is

Have you? Will You?

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