Clearing with Music

Plant Music Alchemy
Multidimensional Fusions of Light and Sound to Soothe Your Soul

The Clearing Series Blends Transformed into Musical Plant Songs

This series of transformative music represents a joyful collaboration between Lauren Galey, host of Quantum Conversations Radio Show, and Kayse Williams, founder of Sacred Alchemy. 

Lauren has passionately worked with plant music for over eight years, intuitively communicating with plant consciousness. She captures the songs of plants using a MIDI synthesizer which captures their energetic frequency and electromagnetic variations and translates these into musical sound that alters consciousness. 

For twenty seven years Kayse has developed high-vibrational essential oil blends to support shifting and expanding consciousness through energetic alchemy. 

Lauren has used a MIDI synthesizer to capture the combined tonal sounds of oils and plants, transforming their energies into finely-tuned, mystical, musical expressions. This magical alchemy has exponentially expanded the energetics of the original oil blends. Each specific musical blend harmonizes a wide range of emotional frequencies of varied intensity. These songs can clear a spectrum of heavy energies while inspiring new-found energies of peace, joy and ease.

It is with radiant joy and gratitude that Lauren and Kayse share these with you!

~ Enjoy while working, relaxing or meditating

~ Play softly in the background to clear  heavy energies from yourself and your environment 

~ Clear stagnant energy from your home, office space and car

~ Use with any healing modality, such as giving or receiving a massage

Listen to the variety of beautiful songs co-created with flowering orchids, Christmas Cactus, philodendron, elephant leaf plant, and dolphins as they sing the frequencies of the Clearing Series. You may listen to this music by itself or while smelling the Clearing Oils Blends.

Lauren and Kayse met while swimming with wild dolphins off the Big Island of Hawaii. The essential oil blend Dolfun Joy was Divinely inspired from this experience. This blend of dolphin and whale energies was the first oil to sing. This amazing discovery led to the development of a new healing tool that connects us to higher states of consciousness. 

When co-creating these songs, Lauren directly connected the Dolfun Joy oil blend to the plant music machine. Dolfun Joy is the first and only oil blend that sang by itself, without the plant. All the other oil blends were connected to electrodes and rubbed onto the leaf of a plant. Also an open bottle of each blend was placed at the root of each plant. We found that the music of plants, which Lauren had previously recorded, changed to new songs when combined with Sacred Alchemy’s oil blends in this way. 

Lauren and Kayse are excited to present these songs of consciousness that elevate listeners to deep spiritual connection with Higher Self Consciousness.

10 Free Sample Songs of the Musical Blends

If you enjoy these sample songs, please share them with your friends.

Consider setting your own intention before you listen to each song or use the suggested intentions below. Since emotions have such a profound effect on our health, notice how changes in your mood elevate your sense of well-being.

Grounding Clarity Sample: This song can support us in feeling safe enough to relax in our physical body. Intention: I yield all limiting beliefs about being in a body and I am fully present in this moment.

Clearing Origin Sample: This celestial song is digging deep within us and can release some of our deepest pain and core wounds. Intention: I yield all limiting cords, contracts, agreements, vows and beliefs in all dimensions and realities.

Grief Free Sample: This song can have a profound effect on transforming grief from multiple realities. Intention: I yield all limiting grief and beliefs in all dimensions and realities.

Anxiety Free Sample: This song peels some of the layers of our anxieties and fears. Intention: I yield all limiting anxiety, fears and beliefs in all dimensions and realities.

Anger Free Sample: This song clears some of our habitual reactions of anger. Intention: I yield all limiting anger and beliefs in all dimensions and realities.

Depression Free Sample: This song transforms some of the inner landscape of sadness, loneliness and hopelessness to inspire a  renewed vision. Intention: I yield all limiting depression and beliefs in all dimensions and realities.

Acceptance Sample: This song bathes us in higher frequencies of light to soften acceptance of self and others. Intention: I yield all limiting beliefs about acceptance and I am fully present in this moment and accept all that is.

Truth Sample: This song can expand our awareness of truth and trust. Intention: I yield all limiting beliefs about truth and I align with my highest truth and Oneness.

Connection Sample: This song can bring us to our core of Beingness. Intention: I yield all limiting beliefs about connection and I am connected to myself, (my thoughts, feelings and body), others, and my authentic Divine Self.

Dolfun Joy Sample: Let go and play in magical childlike wonder. Intention: I yield all limiting beliefs about fun and play. I trust to freely play in my childlike joy.

Purchase all the Clearing Series Musical Blends

You will receive over 20 hours of songs, which come in three versions:

  • A quick attunement of approximately 3 minutes
  • A healing session of approximately 30 minutes
  • An extended version up to 90-minutes to entrain a theta brainwave state

These songs are also very effective as background music with no attention or intention needed. The music of the plants and oils clears the subtle energies of limiting patterns while inspiring new-found peace and increased awareness of inner authority and choice. 

We are deeply grateful and in awe of the innate wisdom of nature and the expansive invisible realms that assist with this co-creation!

  Purchase the Clearings Series Musical Blends: The Whole Collection ~ $99

Listening Agreement for Sacred Clearing Songs

We have co-created these Sacred Clearing Songs with Spirit and have poured our heart and soul into their co-creation. From our hearts to yours, we ask you to honor our agreements. We value integrity and right relationship with all of life. In alignment with our integrity and our code of ethics, we ask you for mutual integrity. All recordings are solely for your personal use and listening. This may only include whoever lives under the same roof as you. You may not post these audio files on any other site. Do not post on your YouTube, Facebook, or any other internet site or media platform without our written consent. Do not use these songs in the background for your own personal audio creations.

Disclaimer and Cautions 

These Sacred Clearing Songs are for relaxation and self-exploration to support you on your journey. We make no medical or psychological claims in regard to these songs. If you are suffering from a medical or psychological condition, seek professional help. You, the listener, accept full responsibility and accountability for all your life choices. 

Do not listen to any Sacred Clearing Songs while driving a car or operating heavy machinery.


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