Sweet Dreams

Sweet-Dreams-150x150If sleeping has been a challenge in the past, these oils can sing you a lullaby. Close your eyes and call up all the memories of being restless while trying to sleep. On a scale of 1 to 10 what is your stress level? Now, breathe the oils into the areas in your body where you are holding any tension or fear around this issue. Do this for several minutes. Now what is your stress level? Repeat until your stress has lowered or evaporates.

  Purchase The Drift into Sleep with Ease Series of 5 Oil Blends  $88

Or, purchase the Oil Blends individually:

  Anxiety Free  $33
Transmute worries, anxieties and deepest fears. 1ml

  Calm N’ Easy  $22
For some, Calm and Easy may be a distant memory. Dissolve your stress. This blend assists in full relaxation in your physical body. We recommend to continue breathing this oil beyond your comfort level, so you can remember how good it feels to be Calm and Easy. 1 ml

   Serene DreamEnergetically infused in ceremony in Peru  $14
This blend is infused from Sacred Sites including Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca and Huayna Picchu and contains the rare pink lotus. Inhale its quiet and peace. Relax & de-stress yourself and your children before bedtime.  Blended in a base of fractionated coconut oil, it may be applied to your skin. 7 ml

  Organic Lavender  $18
This deeply relaxing oil is very helpful when rubbed on both big toes right before bed. 7 ml

  Clearing Origin  $33
Clear old energy patterns at the cellular level while energizing your physical body.  Move forward in a powerful way. Breathe this blend with any of the other oils and rapidly deepen the effects.  1 ml

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