​​Why is Presence important?

Presence is an essential component of embodying Compassionate Communication Consciousness

Eckhart Tolle says, Presence is the dimension of spaciousness in you. 

Buddha says to transcend suffering is about being in presence.

Presence underlies the verbal skills of Compassionate Communication and is the foundational core of compassion. 


  • Nourishes us with energies of care, warmth and love 
  • Cultivates empty spacious awareness and sensing the sacred
  • Supports self-connection, softening and relaxing in the present moment
  • Brings awareness to emptiness and comfort with stillness and silence
  • Connects us to what is alive and the fullness of the moment
  • Expands our capacity to respond instead of habitual reacting
  • Inspires subtle awareness of sensing inner and outer experience – as the observer, we are more perceptive of our thoughts, feelings and sensations

The more we practice self-compassion, the more we cultivate simple presence. Robert Gonzales says that presence is not something we do, it is something we allow. Presence is infinite. It goes beyond our thinking mind. Our conditioned mind will argue with anything, whereas presence does not argue. Presence is the point of power. Presence permeates everything.

Connect with Presence

  • Our essence
  • Entering into the quiet
  • Softens our heart
  • Sensing the sacredness
  • Present moment – being here now
  • Pure consciousness
  • Spacious timelessness
  • May feel like coming home to self
  • Peace and warmth

Grounding in presence! inspired by Eckhart Tolle

Awareness of breath takes your attention away from thinking. Follow and feel your breath moving in and out. This creates space within you. Breath awareness is not a doing, it’s being aware of what is already happening. Being aware of the breath creates spaciousness in you. When you are conscious of your breath, you can’t think.  You are either doing one or the other.

In a conscious breath, in that moment you transcend the mind, the ego, the personality. In order for relationships to thrive, they need spaciousness. Many times during the day, pause for presence and as you do that, more presence flows. When more presence flows through you, you’re opening the door to presence.




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