Receive Abundance


Transmute stuck energies and create space for renewed abundance in your life. Close your eyes and allow yourself to drop deeper into your body. Where are you holding these energies in your body? With a focused intention, breathe in the oils into these areas where you are holding these heavier energies. Continue breathing the oils until you feel the energy shift and you feel complete.

  Purchase The Series of 4 Oil Blends $77 (1 ml ea)

Or, purchase the oil blends individually:

  Anxiety Free  $33
Transmute worries, anxieties and deepest fears.

  Clearing Origin  $33
Clear old energy patterns at the cellular level while energizing your physical body.  Move forward in a powerful way. Breathe this blend with any of the other oils and rapidly deepen the effects.

  Receiving Abundance  $11
Receive positive energy flowing into your life with gratitude for what already is and what is coming.

*For additional clearing ~ Add our Be Here Now Blend and Be more present during the clearing!

  Be Here Now  $16
Breathe in and soften into the stillness of this moment.

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