Single Sacred Blends

Create your own set by selecting from these Single Sacred Blends.

All of our unique blends have been infused at sacred sites around the world.
One sniff of these special alchemical creations will re-awaken you inner soul treasures.
For oil sets, look at our Sacred Oil Sets page.

($50.00 Minimum Order)

  Grounding Clarity  $33
For those who are stressed and in “fight or flight” mode, this blend slows you gracefully into a grounded place.

  Grief Free  $33
Transmute heavy emotions – from sympathy and mild regret to overwhelming sorrow and loss.

  Anxiety Free  $33
Transmute worries, anxieties and deepest fears.

  Anger Free  $33
Transmute angry emotions including frustration, resentment and hostility.

 Depression Free  $33
Clear the heaviness of ongoing discouragement and hopelessness.  Connect with a fresh perspective that aligns you with who you truly are.

  Acceptance  $33
Embrace your Self and love what IS.

  Dolphin Joy  $33
This blend is swimmingly joyful and will uplift your spirit. The mother crystal was infused while swimming with a pod of dolphins off the Big Island.

  Truth  $33
This oil lifts away the veneer and transports you to your authentic Self: to your vulnerability, Truth and strength.

  Connection  $33
After any clearing work, this oil helps to soften and integrate.

  Clearing Origin  $33
Clear old energy patterns at the cellular level while energizing your physical body.  Move forward in a powerful way. Breathe this blend with any of the other oils and rapidly deepen the effects.

  Free To Be Me  $12
Expand awareness of your infinite Self with this liberating blend.

 Be Here Now  $16
Breathe in and soften into the stillness of this moment.

 Peaceful Heart  $24
Soothe your heart with this gentle, loving energy that touches your whole being. This blend is infused with energy from the Dalai Lama’s prayer wheel.

 My Beloved  $12
Feel and embrace a renewed love for yourself and all of life.

 Remember  $8
Remember and embrace who you truly are.

  Empowerment  $11
Stand in your authentic power with courage and compassion.

 Ancient Codes  $12
Re-awaken the ancient codes of light within. Receive the frequencies of light that are bathing our planet.

  Light of Being  $11
This blend brings in new light frequencies for an energetic cleansing.

  Mother’s Embrace  $12
Be held in the sweet, nurturing arms of Divine Mother. Safe and protected. ~  Infused at Lake Ouachita, Hot Springs, AR

  Embrace  $8
Take time to nurture your divine inner child and feel how safe you really are. ~ Infused at Ouray Vapor Cave, CO / Montezuma’s Well, AZ / Seven Sacred Pools, MauiHI

  Journey $11
Allow this rich bouquet to gently guide you deeper into your authentic self.  ~ Infused at Heart Chakra, SedonaAZ 

  Balance  $8
Use this centering oil to shift any imbalances and embrace your wholeness.  ~ Infused at Abadiania, Brazil / Ouray Vapor Cave, CO

  Faith  $8
Through humble devotion, use this oil to renew your childlike trust and inner wisdom. ~ Infused at Meditation Cave, LhasaTibet

  Morning Light $8
Lift your energy and awaken your joy within. ~ Infused at Wesak Moon – Mt. Shasta, CA / Sedona, AZ / Lake Ouachita, Hot Springs, AR 

  Divine Masculine  $11
Connect with the Divine Masculine within and express yourself from your heart; A soft power. ~ Infused at Lake Ouachita, Hot Springs, AR

The following blends are infused with Wesak Moons ~ Mt. Blanc, France ~ Medjugorje, Bosnia ~ Assisi, Italy

  Seamless Integration  $8
Unify oneness with your Divine Essence.

  Divine Feminine   $12
Give birth to your creative expression.

   Sacred Union  $8
Receive this sensuous embrace as you synthesize and honor the Divine Union within.


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