Our classes and retreats

In our sessions, classes and retreats, you will learn new and effective tools to begin to start transforming you limiting beliefs, rewire your brain and calm your nervous system which will guide you toward well-being, a more peaceful presence and right relationship with self and others. 

Most of our retreats center around Lake Ouachita which has the largest deposit of quartz crystals under it. It is a multi-dimensional vortex of light that is filled with mystical magic. When you are swimming, it is like being in a gem elixir of expansive liquid light.

Our summer retreats start in May and often go through October (depending on weather).

                          Would you Enjoy

  • Listening to your authentic heart’s calling vs your conditioning
  • Deepening in self compassion and connection
  • Inspiring compassionate connection with others
  • Speaking your truth with care
  • Expanding your inner capacity to respond rather than react
  • Greater understanding and ease in navigating challenging conversations

Increasing self empowerment and self responsibility

“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion.

If you want to be happy, practice compassion.”
– Dalai Lama Untitled-554

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