Our retreats

Most of our retreats are focused in and on the magical Lake Ouachita. The largest deposit of quartz crystals is in this large body of water. Would you like to swim in a illuminating gem elixir? This lake is a multi-dimensional vortex of light that clears and re-balances your energy. The water is velvety smooth and it feels like you are being held in the arms of the Divine Mother Love.

There are etheric dolphins, whales and mermaids in these sacred waters. Some sense, see and feel their presence. I have been communicating with the dolphins and whales in this lake for many years. In the last two years, the mermaids have been revealing themselves.

Are you open to stepping into the magical realms? This lake is one of the energetic gateways into the magical mystical realms. It is often easier to access these realms in nature because there are less thought-forms and more energetic quiet and clarity. 

Our summer retreats start in May and often go through October (depending on weather). In 2020 we will be offering magical mermaid photo experiences. 

We offer custom retreats to fit your needs. Kayse is also available to create a program that will support one on one clients.

Would you enjoy raising your frequency, uplifting your consciousness while playing and having fun in this magical lake? 

Contact us to explore possibilities

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