Mini Clearing Series

Mini Clearing Series
contains five specially designed blends to assist you with emotional clearing. The set consists of Grounding Clarity, Grief Free, Anxiety Free, Anger Free and Acceptance. Clearing Origin is added to Grief Free, Anxiety Free, and Anger Free to deepen the effectiveness.

Before you begin your aromatic session, it is helpful to number your stress level on a scale of 1 (low) to 10 (high). At the end, notice how much breathing the oils has decreased your stress level.

Begin with Grounding Clarity to be more centered and ready to do emotional clearing. Then simply follow the natural sequence of Grief Free, Anxiety Free, and Anger Free.

Breathe them deeply into your heart while gently holding your awareness on any place where you are feeling tension. Next, inhale Acceptance. Take your time to inhale the oils deeply, as they are multi-layered and infused with the frequencies of prayers, crystal grids, moon cycles and sacred sites.

After you have finished the entire series and rechecked your stress scale, you may want to repeat some of them. Clearing is effective in any order and any combination. Use the list inside the top of the box to keep the bottles in order and to identify the lids when using more than one oil at a time.

  Mini Clearing Series  $77.00

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