I invite you to slow down and take a breath…

What is your heart longing for? 

If you are radically honest with yourself, how could your life be different?  

How are you NOT showing up for yourself? When we listen to our scary honest truth, it requires courage to step out of the familiar/habitual and into the unknown. It’s risky! We are all being asked to awaken into more of our truest whole hearted self. It requires fierce courage to step out of the comfort zone into your wise, authentic, free zone.

Have you lost your connection to yourself and your inner authority?

Are you stuck in your old story, outdated beliefs and fears that are holding you back? You came here to be You. Your authentic self. No one on the planet came with your unique gifts and abilities. The world needs you to be You. When you choose moment to moment to live and connect in your authentic heart, this conscious choice can change your life. Playing small does not serve any of us.

Are you willing to slow down and bring more awareness into each moment?

Are you ready to turn the volume UP on loving yourself, reclaiming your inner authority and knowing you matter? There is a myth on the planet that says we are not good enough and we don’t matter. This keeps humanity small and powerless. This is also known as victim consciousness.

Would you take the next step forward, if you were held in compassionate presence by a skilled facilitator? 

My classes, retreats and coaching services offer tools to access your deepest heart’s wisdom

  • Reclaim your inner authority
  • Speak your radical truth with care
  • Create new pathways for connection
  • Listen and engage with heart centered presence
  • Step more fully into your truest whole hearted self   

Kayse Williams ~ Compassionate catalyst for empowered freedom and joy  

Kayse is an empathic coach and a clairvoyant shamanic guide. Her work is centered in compassionate presence. She has devoted her life to listening to her heart and soul’s calling.

Her intuitive sense and inner vision began developing when she was fifteen years old. These clairvoyant gifts have inspired her to devote her life to following her spiritual path, trusting her inner guidance, and diving deeply into her inner work. Along this path, she has cultivated unique gifts that catalyze powerful experiences of transformation, healing and Presence for fellow seekers.

Kayse is devoted to helping you discover and become your truest self. With impeccable energy tracking abilities and a wide set of tools, she is able to see straight to the core of your challenge. Her heartfelt presence, compassion, depth of experience and unwavering integrity will help you to feel cared for and encouraged. She will support your courage to delve deeply if you are willing to take responsibility for co-creating your life.  

Some of Kayse’s qualifications include:

  • Shamanic Full Mesa Carrier with The Four Winds Peruvian Indigenous Teachings
  • Certified Trainer Candidate in Nonviolent Communication (NVC)
  • Graduate of the Empathic Livelihood Program with Francois Beausoleil
  • Graduate of the year-long BayNVC Leadership Program
  • Certified Quantum Biofeedback Specialist (Indigo)
  • Clairvoyant Intuitive since childhood

Our Essential Oil Blends have been honored in Wall Street Journal, San Francisco Examiner,
Spa Magazine, Food, Wine and Travel, and USA Today.

What People Are Saying about our Clearing Series Blends

““My seventeen year old grandson died suddenly. In addition to my own grief, sadness and shock, I was traumatized as my son called me crying daily. This deepened my depression. The oils helped me survive these daily conversations.They also helped with my husband’s death after 48 years of marriage and the deaths of my mother and father, best friend and brother. They helped me get through a lot of death in these last seven years. They are easy to use and can be carried in your purse. They are very helpful with life’s challenges. Thank you.”

K. Mcknight ~ Mulberry, AR


“I’ve personally used the Sacred Alchemy Clearing Series essential oil blends in my work with caregivers and other concerned loved ones. In every case, I’ve witnessed them receive profound insight, clarity and comfort during stress, loss and grief… often within moments of inhaling from the bottles. Kayse’s essential oil blends are beyond amazing!”

Sharon Burch MSN, RN
The Caregiver’s Compass
Coach for Caregivers Who Are Ready to
Change the Way They Relate to Their Challenges

Clearing Spritzer

spritzerOur new Clearing Spritzer

Serene Love

If you love our Clearing Series, you will love our NEW Clearing Spritzer!
It contains many of the Clearing Series specially designed blends to assist you with emotional clearing. It is an alchemy of the Clearing Series and Star Flower Essences. Great for transforming and uplifting heavy energies. Spray your body and your space to feel more peaceful, calm and relaxed. Use in your work space between clients and meetings.

  Buy 1 ~ $20 each
  Buy 5 ~ $18 each

You matter. Share love. Have fun. Inspire. Be grateful.Trust. Shine.
Take risks. Step out of the box. Laugh more. Practice random kindness.
Cultivate curiosity. Feel. Be real. Be self responsible. Share joy. Be You!


I invite you to step out of your comfort zone and open the door into the

Divine Radiance of who you truly are.

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