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  • Are you listening to your authentic heart wisdom or your conditioning?
  • Are you stuck in confusion and longing for more clarity, joy and inspiration?

My classes, retreats and coaching services offer tools to access your heart’s deepest wisdom. Remember your heart guidance comes from a deeper place, your essence.

  • Clear energetic imprints that keep you stuck in the past
  • Follow the truth of your heart and live in the grace of your presence
  • Learn effective tools to reclaim your inner authority and speak your truth with care

Sacred Alchemy’s Clearing Series

During work, a few breaths can shift ​busy overwhelm to calm

When inhaling Sacred Alchemy’s pure essential oils you receive the innate energetic wisdom of each plant in a rich vibrational symphony that can have profound effects on your well-being

Emotions are affected within seconds of smelling these blends. Synthetic fragrance oils do not have this effect, nor do they assist with well-being.

   With a few breaths …

  • Begin your day with balance and inspiration
  • During work, shift busy overwhelm to calm
  • Transform challenging triggers with loved ones
  • Clear anxiety and feel pleasure in your body
  • Reconnect with the grace of presence and deepen in the peace in your essence

Our Essential Oil Blends have been honored in Wall Street Journal, San Francisco Examiner, 
Spa Magazine, Food, Wine and Travel, and USA Today.

What People Are Saying About Kayse

“I met Kayse almost a decade ago in an energy healing course.  I was instantly inspired by her combination of compassion, true kindness and masterful healing skills.  She has been a person that I have gone to for guidance and clearing in the most challenging of times and she also helped me anchor and celebrate the most joyful of times.  I often wish that I could have more connection with Kayse and with these oils, I do!  The blessing of these oils is that they are hand made of the highest quality by Kayse who infuses her pure hearted intentionality for all who interface with them to benefit.  These oils are a resource to remember in the times where we may not be able to access our highest thinking, the smell of the oils helps the body remember what is most true and that what is most true is love.  I offer my highest recommendation to these oils and to all of Kayse’s healing work. 

With love and gratitude, Rochelle –  I love you Kayse!   –

“Kayse’s depth of presence is an awe to behold! Her intuitive sense, energetic tracking, compassionate listening and loving guidance naturally give way to powerful transformation. Kayse is as kind and gentle as she is fierce and bold, following her gut sense to meet me wherever I am in my natural process. She is uncompromising in her integrity. Bringing the energy of a wise elder, Kayse holds exquisite space for deep healing with the utmost care and sincerity.”

Erin Merrihew – CNVC Certified

What People Are Saying About Our Clearing Series Blends

“These are very special blends of oils. Each one is unique and contains its own light. I found them to be filled with the highest purpose and intention. You can feel the prayers that emit from the aroma of each one. I recommend these essences wholeheartedly and can envision their use as aromatherapy, or as an adjunct to crystal healing or meditation. Essences such as these are also a wonderful tool for reaching into ones own inner light and purpose.”

JaneAnn Dow Ph.D. 
Author of Crystal Journey & Crystal Journey Cards

“I am delighted  to give a testimonial about your healing Essential Oils. They provide portals into transformation from fear into calm states of being. They are stepping stones into coming home to one’s divinity. Trauma takes one out of relationship to one’s tender heart. Kayse’s oils in relationships with a healer can bring both the traumatized and healer into calm state of alignment with ease and joy. Many thanks for the clarity to each scent. Kayse’s Essential Oils are life enhancing.”

Ingrid Sato M.S., LMFT, LCSW   
Somatic Psychotherapist

“My seventeen year old grandson died suddenly. In addition to my own grief, sadness and shock, I was traumatized as my son called me crying daily. This deepened my depression. The oils helped me survive these daily conversations.They also helped with my husband’s death after 48 years of marriage and the deaths of my mother and father, best friend and brother. They helped me get through a lot of death in these last seven years. They are easy to use and can be carried in your purse. They are very helpful with life’s challenges.”

Karen Mcknight ~ Horse Lover  

“I’ve personally used the Sacred Alchemy Clearing Series essential oil blends in my work with caregivers and other concerned loved ones. In every case, I’ve witnessed them receive profound insight, clarity and comfort during stress, loss and grief… often within moments of inhaling from the bottles. Kayse’s essential oil blends are beyond amazing!”

Sharon Burch MSN, RN
The Caregiver’s Compass

Peace After Trauma and Tragedy 

The Clearing Series comforts troubled souls

When inhaling Sacred Alchemy’s pure essential oils, you receive the innate energetic wisdom of the blends.  When exhaling the oils, you energetically share their molecules with the deceased person’s spirit so it can receive the benefits, too.  See our video to learn how the Clearing Series supported me and my twin brother after his sudden death.

You matter. Share love. Have fun. Inspire. Be grateful.Trust. Shine.
Take risks. Step out of the box. Laugh more. Practice random kindness.
Cultivate curiosity. Feel. Be real. Be self responsible. Share joy. Be You!

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